4Word Across the Country

It was the final installment of our deep look inside and around the incredible women’s ministry, 4Word, as we closed it out chatting with Pat from Dallas, Donna from Colorado and Maelyn from the Windy City.  Hear how each of these women are connecting their faith and work w/4Word.

The Impact of 4Word

Day IV of our all-encompassing look at the incredible women’s ministry, 4Word, and today we brought in Patty Ross, Lauren Millsaps and Virginia Prodan to get their respective takes on how this working-woman Ministry has effected their lives and the world around them.

InterviewJim Brangenberg
Meet Another 4Word Woman

Another day dissecting the profound works of the women’s ministry, 4Word, as we had a chance to chat with Kelly Thurman, who shared about the transformation that took place in her life when she dedicated herself to pouring her heart, soul and faith into other working women via this ministry.

InterviewJim Brangenberg
Pat Asp Talks 4Word

Day II of our week-long deep dive into the great works of the women's ministry, 4Word.  Pat talked with Jim and Martha about her workplace experience as an executive, and how the ministry of 4Word is touching her life.  Learn how this ministry can be a Light in your life, too.  

An Introduction to 4Word

We kicked off our 4Word Women week today as we talked with their founder, Diane Paddison, and board member, Katheryn Tack.  Learn how this ministry is helping working women of all varieties – and how you can get involved – in this wide-ranging intro to an incredible ministry.

InterviewMartha Brangenberg
More from Workmatters

DAY II from our time in Arkansas at the world-changing Workmatters Conference as Jim and Martha had the opportunity to talk with a couple of speakers who were LIVE at the event to grab their perspectives on why this conference is such a big deal.  Their answers?  Check the 'cast to find out!

More Speakers from the Workmatters Conference

We continued getting an insider’s look at this year’s Workmatters Conference in Rogers, AS as we had another chance to hear from some more speakers at this World Changing Event; today, it’s Loriann Biggers with Bella Vaughan; then, Catherine Gates & Steve Blair operating with The Harvest Group.  Grab these words from these speakers at this event!

Sneak-peekJim Brangenberg
Workmatters at Sam's Club and JB Hunt

From our time in Rogers, Arkansas for the Workmatters Conference where we had the opportunity to talk with business workers and leaders about why WorkMatters to them, and their respective companies.  Today, some heavy hitters:  Kristina Distler with Sam's Club; and, later, Steven Hill from JB Hunt.  How is God working withing their companies?  Tune in to find out. 

Sneak-peekJim Brangenberg
An Attendee's Look at the Workmatters Conference

So you’ve heard a TON about the inner-workings of this year’s conference, but what of the perspective of those who were in the crowd?  That’s the look we got from interviewing four folks who were in the audience this year.  Hear their experiences, and how it’s shaping how they operate at work.

Sneak-peekJim Brangenberg
Workmatters in Rogers, Arkansas

Our continued extensive and immersive look into the Workmatters Conference in Rogers, AR this year to learn how they’re transforming the workplace, just as we are.  And today, we grabbed one of the speakers at the conference, Jon Tyson – Pastor at Church of the City in NYC – to hear his insight; then, some inspired words from Shelley Simpson at JB Hunt.

Sneak-peekJim Brangenberg