Are You “Stretched Too Thin”?

We had the pleasure of linking with Jessica Turner to learn about her book, “Stretched Too Thin”, to get some solid advice on how to deal with the myriad pressures and stressors that bombard on a daily basis.  Relax and listen.

InterviewJim Brangenberg
Legacy is a Baton

Jeff Rogers popped by to talk about sharing wealth and wisdom to our children and grand-children in an effort to create a thriving family legacy.  Learn how Jeff’s grandmother taught him to pass down love, life, faith and money so he could avoid massive pitfalls in squandering these gifts.

One Incredible Kidney

Today’s show highlighted the inspired, life-saving journey that saw Jim’s kidney give his buddy, Bill, new life – and this show was spent bringing in Bill and his wife to talk about their experience, along with the talented and compassionate medical professionals that made this dream a reality.

InterviewJim Brangenberg
B.L.E.S.S. gives you the tools to become a Light for Christ in your neighborhood.  They provide all the tools to get to know your neighbors by name so that you can begin to build relationships with them!


Back on the First Coast, were we, to catch up with Dr Tammie McClafferty of Lifework Leadership to get an intro to some folks doing some “cool” things at Environmental Air Conditioning Services – yup, they’re working4Him!

InterviewJim Brangenberg
Who Disciples to Pastors?

Love Serves, that’s who!  And we heard all about it in today’s show as our listeners were introduced to the idea of “vision trips”.  Also, hear a great before and after mission trip story from our friends, Ross and Jill Harrop.

InterviewJim Brangenberg