LIVE From Chattown
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A special treat today as our broadcast was from Chattanooga (TN) at the site of the 2019 Office Pride Annual Retreat. Hear stories of changed lives and creative ways to use commercial cleaning services to bring health and healing to your local community.

Featured Guests: Todd Hopkins @ Bill Staggs

Workplace / Ministry: Office Pride

Giving Changes EVERYTHING
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Back in Sarasota (FL) to highlight more from Helping Hands Ministries with Dan Baker and Bryan Green in a conversation about how creative giving can change lives within your organization. Tammy Daum also joins us to talk about how she mentors leaders to be the best they can be with God at the helm.

Featured Guests: Dan Baker, Bryan Green & Tammy Daum

Workplace / Ministry: Helping Hands Charitable / EP Coaching

InterviewJim Brangenberg
Some Lone Star Love
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Another great stop in Austin (TX) to talk with Tony Dale and a few of his faith-lovin’ friends! Check out our chat on conflict and how to resolve it in the workplace. Conflict in the workplace – Texas Style – with a British influence!

Featured Guests: Tony Dale & Felicia Betancur & Mike Martin

Workplace / Ministry: Sedera Health

Gen Vs Gen
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We sat down with Hans Finzel and Patrick Kelly to learn about the 5 areas of conflict that tend to show themselves between the millennial generation and the boomer generation. Tune in and learn how we, as Believers, can be leaders in resolving these conflicts and impact organizational culture.

Featured Guests: Hans Finzel & Patrick Kelly

Workplace / Ministry: MillennialBOOM

InterviewJim Brangenberg
Wonder Women
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4Word Women out of Dallas Texas brought on several women to share their stories of living out their faith in their work and balancing the rest of the expectations in their lives. Join in as we focus on women in the workplace.

Featured Guests: Diana Paddison, Charonda Woods, Sofia Fonseca de Nino, Peju Akintonin, Madison Odum, Becky Sumrall and Terra Seidel

Workplace / Ministry: 4Word

Cards For Humanity
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From our friends at Love2020 came an intro to James Barnett with DaySpring. Learn how DaySpring is providing the visual and written tools we need to keep Christ at the center of our everyday conversations. How is James doing that in his work as well as the president…? Find out NOW!

Featured Guest: James Barnett

Workplace / Ministry: DaySpring - Love2020

InterviewJim Brangenberg
Serving The Most Needy
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What do Business and Poverty have to do with one another? We talked about just that with Calvin Beisner and Ephie Johnson from “Neighborhood Christian Centers”. Join us as we talk real solutions for a tough subject.

Featured Guests: Calvin Beisner & Ephie Johnson

Workplace / Ministry: Neighborhood Christian Centers

InterviewJim Brangenberg
Online Faith
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One of the most expensive consultants in the world was our esteemed guest today, Mr. Perry Marshall, and this gentleman is passionate about defending his faith. Tune in to hear what Perry has to say about living out his faith in the workplace.

Featured Guest: Perry Marshall

Workplace / Ministry: Perry Marshall - OFFICIAL

InterviewJim Brangenberg