A Conversation About Abortion

Over 60 million children have been aborted in the US since 1973 on the date of this broadcast 36 years ago; and last year, 60 million children were aborted worldwide.  This infanticide is impacting everyone, everywhere – especially at work.  The efforts of “Passages of Hope” are helping to change this tide.  Hear about it now.

InterviewJim Brangenberg
A Millennial Love Story

Jim and Martha – LIVE from this year’s FCCI International Summit in California – brought on power duo, Brian and Gabrielle Bosche, the married couple and brain children of “The Millennial Solution”, to share how they’re reshaping the working world through inspired speaking engagements, podcasts, books and workshops.

A Celebration of Marriage

It’s that time of year again, coming up in February, where a week-long dedication of marriage and its loving affects on people and our culture commences, and we got a look at this nationwide dedication called “National Marriage Week USA” with Sheila Weber, who shared how matrimony can shape hearts, mold souls and make the world a better place.

InterviewJim Brangenberg
Pocket Power!

One of our favorite ministries – The Pocket Testament League – was on the air with us today to talk their history (which involved chocolate!) and their mission (which involves saving souls!).  We also had a handful of folks check in to give real-world testaments about how PTL has changed their lives and those who’ve received these given these tiny, live-changing books!

Let’s Talk Retirement4Him

Better yet, how about we discuss a retirement REVOLUTION!  How should we be saving – and spending – our retirement dollars as we go into the sunset.  Is there a right and wrong way?  A Biblical way?  These are the topics you’ll learn about as Jim and Martha brought on author, Dave Kennon, to break down his book, “The Retirement Revolution”, and blow your mind.

InterviewJim Brangenberg
Another Stop in Chicago

We went and grabbed one more of our shows from the time we spent in the Windy City at the most recent Faith and Work Summit to talk even more about how YOU can reshape the workplace; and today, we spoke with a handful of folks who, through their ministries and examples, offer insight and inspiration towards bettering our work by bringing Him to the cubicle.

InterviewJim Brangenberg
Finding Jesus at the Gym

Fitness power couple, JT & Ana Maria Tapias with FIT Method 413, popped on for an hour of high-energy praising and witnessing as the Brangenberg’s dug deep into the Tapias’ story of love, faith and redemption.  You’ll want to hear how this duo are bringing folks to their knees with unrelenting strength and wisdom.

Caroline and her Threads

Wife, mother, business woman and author, Caroline Mendez, showcased her passion for discipling women in the workplace all while highlighting her book, “Threads of Wisdom”.  Caroline has a massive heart for Jesus, and is using her skills and knowledge to help women across the Nation with their Faith walks.

InterviewJim Brangenberg
Think Utility, Think Faith

We were honored to chat with Bill Wolf and Roger Ross from brand new show sponsor, Think Utility Services, about their faith stories, how they bring Jesus into their work-space and the impact their making everyday with their work and faith.

Office Pride Franchisees Work4Him

It’s true!  And we heard all about it from Scott Ramsey and the Nens who talked about their journeys with Office Pride and shed light on how this amazing company affords Christ-followers the ability to lead their work with hearts for Jesus.  This could be the perfect fit for ya – find out why.

InterviewJim Brangenberg