Vision & Team

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Our Mission

The Mission of iWork4Him is to transform the workplace of every Christian into a mission field.

Our Format

iWork4Him broadcasts weekdays to share testimonies, hear from authors and speakers and tackle topics to encourage you to look at your workplace as your mission field.



You work for someone. Are you just there for the paycheck? Your clients, your boss, your family, your car payment, yourself or your Lord. Are you called to more than just getting it done by Friday? Each one of us has a calling, have you heard this before? Your workplace is your mission field wherever that may be. You’re either all in or all out – are you for Him? I am! iWork4Him! I work for Jesus Christ.
— Jim Brangenberg


Meet Your Host,

Jim Brangenberg

An entrepreneur for life, Jim has an expertise for working with small business owners, focusing on profitability and employee relations. His God-gifted ability to ask the right questions lends itself well to his role as host of the iWork4Him Radio program, the only daily Faith and Work radio program in America.

Jim utilizes his networking expertise to arrange daily interviews with authors, workplace believers, and ministries that are connecting Faith and Work. 

Jim is passionate about his faith in Jesus and it drives his passion for excellence in everything he does. His core values are Boldness, Transparency, Vulnerability, Integrity and Generosity.

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Martha Brangenberg

Born into an entrepreneurial family, Martha has been involved in small business her entire life. Gifted with an attention to detail and a sweet sensitive spirit, Martha is a servant leader with a deep faith in Jesus.

Martha has worked alongside Jim for their 32+ years of marriage, complementing him by bringing in almost a decade of retail management experience, and an outstanding record of over the top customer service and project management.

Together, Jim and Martha are passionate about building strong marriages and regularly offer marriage retreats. They have three grown children and four grandchildren.

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Michael Miracle

Michael’s career in radio began as an intern in Atlanta for CBS affiliate, 92.9 DaveFM, where he kept the coffee hot, screened the callers, and kept the CD’s expertly organized. He took the tools of the trade to a North Georgia small-market FM radio station, where he honed his radio prowess and won a Ga Association of Broadcasters Award.

Shortly after the Ga station shut down, Michael became Assistant Operations Manager at a Florida Christian Talk AM radio station, where his path intersected with Jim and Martha Brangenberg as iWork4Him Show’s very first board op (and part-time producer).

Jim and Martha quickly became spiritual guides to Mike – and ultimately – really good friends. Radio has remained a constant between Jim and Michael, and is now a proud member of the iWork4Him squad. He fancies himself a producer, but is mostly a huge fan of just really great radio, which he strives to create daily.

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Caroline Mendez

Caroline Mendez is a disciple of Jesus Christ, wife, mother, businesswoman and champion for Christian women in leadership.

From the mailroom to executive management, and then coaching and writing (Threads of Wisdom (2018)), Caroline has become an ambassador for Christ in the workplace, specifically encouraging Christian women to live out their faith in their work and leadership, wherever they are called. She founded revolutionary Christian Women CEO roundtables in 2011-2015, through the C12 Group, then through called4, llc and is the instigator behind “sheWorks4Him” at! Caroline lives and breathes collaboration, strategy, relationship building and equipping others to live out their faith at work, making her a great fit to represent iWork4Him.

She holds certifications as a Professional Certified Coach, Certified Gospel Coach, and Certified Coach Facilitator, is an Ordained Minister, and has one year of a Masters of Divinity under her belt.

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Gordon Marcy

Gordon has been around broadcasting and media for most of his life. He got his first radio job as a Radio Host when he was in high school. With a career in radio spanning three decades, he served twenty years with Salem Media, one of America’s leading Christian radio broadcasters, specializing in turnaround strategies and growth management. His team received Station of the Year honors for National Ministry, five consecutive years.

In 2011, Gordon founded This startup developed a web-based platform for content aggregation and on demand delivery of audio and video. The software-as-service system includes an integrated content network featuring over 100 of the nation’s leading Christian speakers, filmmakers, artists.

In 2018, Glorystone and formed a partnership to help Christian radio stations multiply their digital impact through audience engagement and monetization, website redesign and personalization.

Since 2010, Gordon has been an online missionary with Global Media Outreach, a pioneer in internet evangelism, and blogs at He and wife Cyndi live in Louisville, KY.

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