“Who do you work for… really? 
I work for Jesus Christ."


iWork4Him is a radio program designed for Christ-followers in the workplace.

We have an opportunity to reach people in the workplace for Christ and recognize it as our mission field. Whether it’s someone in your office, a vendor you work with or someone you meet at a business event, we are called to connect each other to Christ. Our companies should stand out and shine in all we do because we represent Him. You aren’t just working for yourself; you are working for the Lord. 


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Are you ready to join other committed Christ Followers who will:

  • Start praying for your co-workers & employees by name every day (It will change your heart towards them)
  • Look for ways to serve those coworkers & employees in the workplace (It will set you apart by your attitude)
  • Look for ways to befriend your co-workers or employees outside the workplace (It will open doors for real conversation and the Gospel)
  • Be ready to pray with people in the workplace when you see an opportunity (Pay attention – when they are down, reach out)
  • Be the best and brightest example of an employee in your position — a person who seeks and displays excellence.

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  • Martha, thank you for your ministry! It is always an encouragement to me to hear your guests share how God has worked in their lives and their businesses. It's also a blessing to hear you and your husband as you cheerfully interview your guests with insightful questions and comments.
    — Ken Warrington
  • Jim and Martha's vision, commitment and skill has sincerely touched me personally. I feel I have a true Kingdom brother and sister in His greater story.
    — Joe Carroll, Executive Director of Biblical Leadership for Excellence
  • Thank you for your passion to tell the world about how God is moving right in the middle of the marketplace and that if we are in Christ than He is with us wherever we go.
    — Jeanna Roach, VP of Sales and Marketing at Betenbough Homes
  • Jim and Martha help a contemporary audience to remember what CS Lewis taught us - we never meet a “mere mortal,” and every interaction, whether for business or for friendship, shapes the eternity of each soul. Thanks, Jim and Martha, for reminding us to steward well the souls God places in our paths, especially in the workplace.
    — Leah Hughey, Jacksonville City Director at FlourishNow
  • I want to let you know how much of a blessing you are to me. I teach in a high school and listen to your show on my way home almost daily. I need reminding that iWork4Him! Thank you for doing that daily! Thank you again for all you do.
    — A listener
  • It [iWork4Him] has helped me to see that faith and work isn't supposed to be separate. That I am a Christ follower 24/7 and not just Sunday mornings. It is a daily reminder I need.
    — Luis, A listener
  • Jim, thank you and Martha for the work you are doing to build the Kingdom through the marketplace! Love the most recent podcast on my jog this morning!
    — A listener

Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.
— Romans 12:2