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Total Facility, Total Faith

From the Factory Floor to the Executive Suite, Total Facility Care helps your business make a great first impression, and they also hope to leave an impression on your heart and soul! These fine folks in Colorado do amazing work for your business, and even more amazing work for the Great Commission.

Featured Guests: Pete Gazlay, Leland Kehler & Dan Anderson

Workplace / Ministry: Total Facility Care - Kingdom Way Ministries

Our Jobs Are More Than Just "Jobs"

It’s a familiar refrain from your Workplace Ministry Radio Show Hosts, but it is always worth repeating: Your workplace IS your Mission Field, wherever that workplace may be , and we got yet another look into how some business leaders are operating with their Faith at the forefront as we continued are journey through the workplace ministries in Colorado; today, a car dealer and, later, a career developer.

Featured Guests: Bill Johnson, Christian Hawkins & Dan Anderson

Workplace / Ministry: Weld County Garage - Kingdom Way Ministries

Bugs and Finances

Don’t let finances bug ya, and don’t let insects drain your wallet! Luckily, we’ve the experts to handle both of these areas, and they’re doing it with hearts4Him, as we learned today in Colorado with our friend, Dan Anderson with Kingdom Way Ministries, who introduced us to a couple of guys doing it the right way, righteously.

Featured Guests: Kevin Lemasters, Tom Rauh & Dan Anderson

Workplace / Ministry: EnviroPest - Thrivent- Kingdom His Way Ministries

Custom Blended Faith

More from CO with our friend, Dan Anderson of Kingdom Way Ministries, to hear stories of God’s movement in the Centennial State, and boy did we get a delicious offering today from “Custom Blending”, who are bringing taste and innovation to food - all with a healthy pinch of Redemption and Truth.

Featured Guest: Tom and Kristie Cotter & Dan Anderson

Workplace / Ministry: Custom Blending - Kingdom Way Ministries

"Turning Sunday's Inspiration Into Monday's Perspiration"

What's up in Colorado with the Faith At Work Movement? We got a taste today via Dan Anderson and Kingdom Way Ministries, who are "Making Work and Ministry One" and introducing us to a slew of workplace missionaries of all shapes and sizes; today, it's home building with Baessler Homes and their story of manufacturing abodes and abiding by Faith.

Featured Guests: Jamie Baessler & Dan Anderson

Workplace / Ministry: Kingdom Way Ministries - Baessler Homes