Be Busy, Not Hurried
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We had author, Alan Fadling, with us this afternoon to talk about his new book, “The Unhurried Leader”. Alan broke down the value of slowing down and highlighted the fact that unhurried leaders understand the importance of certain things they DON’T do. Slow down and listen to this incredible conversation.

Featured Guest:  Alan Fadling

Workplace /MinistryUnhurried Living

Get Involved With Truth At Work
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A great hour of testimony on how the power of Truth at Work groups can impact lives both inside the workplace – and out. CEO of Truth at Work, David Holly, was the centerpiece as he shared his vision and how to get involved, then members called in, too, to share how their workplace were getting flipped upside down with the power of Truth at Work.

Featured Guest:  David Holly

Workplace / MinistryTruth at Work

InterviewJim Brangenberg
Being A Kingdom-Minded Entrepreneur
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An inspiring time LIVE from the Office Pride ANNUAL RETREAT,with a bevy of shows from this event to come, and today it was Scott Gipson from Fishers, Indiana. Scott joins us to talk about his walk with the Lord as an entrepreneur, and the tough decisions he has to make every day at work that are impacted by his faith.

Featured Guest:  Scott Gipson

Workplace / Ministry: Office Pride

God's Movement In Cincinnati
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We brought in a couple we met in Ohio, Sherman and Sadell Bradley, who highlighted the incredible Kingdom Work they’ve been doing in their city. Tune in and hear how the Lord is moving in this community, and how their non-profit agency, MORTAR, is helping to start businesses in urban areas.

Featured Guests:  Sherman and Sadell Bradley

Workplace / MinistryMORTAR and GOODFIT 

InterviewJim Brangenberg
Connecting Your Faith And Work
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We got to talk with John Van Sloten about his incredible book, “Every Job a Parable”, which takes a fresh look at connecting our faith and our work. Tune in and learn how to take a Biblical look at your job and how it’s a parallel story to who God is – and what He is doing.

Featured Guest: John Van Sloten

Workplace / Ministry: Tyndale Publishing

Invest In The Kingdom With BRI
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Who better to talk the merits of Biblically-Responsible Investing (BRI) than our great friend – and financial guru – Luke Andrews? No one, that’s who 🙂 Luke brought the financial heat, per usual, and got down to the nitty gritty of why this method is more than just good for your money management – THIS type of management is God-filled and Kingdom-minded.

Featured Guest: Luke Andrews

Workplace / Ministry: Inspire Advisors

InterviewJim Brangenberg
iWork4Him Gets Legal
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It was David Gibbs III from the National Center for Life and Liberty with Jim today as the duo cleared up a few things for all of us regarding the legality of sharing our Faith. So many times we think it’s illegal to share our Faith – whether we’re business owners or leaders, or someone within the ranks. We got the legal scoop from David. Tune in for enlightenment.

Featured Guest:  David Gibbs III

Workplace / MinistryThe National Center for Life & Liberty

InterviewJim Brangenberg
“Go Disciple”
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Discipleship. It is something we all have been called to do, but where do we even get started? Chad Hood with “Go Disciple” has those answers. Find out how Chad got the call to help fill the ranks of believers who were ready to be called to go – and find out how you can be a disciple!

Featured Guest:  Chad Hood

Workplace / MinistryBuy the book HERE!

InterviewJim Brangenberg
A Utility For Salvation
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Roger Ross and Bill Wolf at Think Utility Services were our guests this Friday, and their company has an environmental and financial model that helps everyone save money. Is it okay to be environmentally focused as a Jesus Follower? Hmmm….

Featured Guests: Roger Ross & Bill Wolf

Workplace / Ministry: Think Utility Services