How to Plant a Church

Guest-host Peter Tragos rounded out our week with an in-depth conversation on church planting – its importance, how to navigate potential pitfalls and the ultimate value of all aspects involved in this important action.

The Young Professionals of CBMC

Friend of the program, Todd Hopkins with Office Pride Commercial Office Cleaning, graciously popped in the hot seat as our guest host this afternoon to highlight the ministry of the CBMC Young Professionals.  Tune in to hear some incredible testimony from young men who are Kingdom building.

From Cars to Christ

Chris Patton from Raleigh, NC was our guest this afternoon to highlight is incredible ministry, “His Way at Work”.  Learn about Chris’ vision for this ministry, how he’s using Christ’s vision for His Way, and how Chris is building companies with a “Kingdom-carrying culture” in today’s podcast.

Gifts for His Glory

Jim and Martha brought in host of the hit podcast, “Christian Coffee Talk”, Brandee Nielson to learn about how her podcast is using intimate topics of conversations to bring us closer to Christ.  She’s not shying away from the tough issues in an effort to sharpen out Faith.  Learn more now.

God in the Golden State

How is Mark Roberts of the Max De Pree Cnter for Leadership at the Fuller Seminary in Pasadena (Ca) helping Christians live out their faith every single moment?  Find out in this podcast – and learn about YOUR calling.

Words of Life Vs Words of Death

A powerful hour with author, Dr. Tim Irwin, in highlighting his latest book – “Extraordinary Influence” – and how we can use this influence to positively impact others.  Grab a listen to this podcast and learn why arrogance is the mother of all derailers – and how it can be combated.

Set a Foundation

It was just the Luke-half of Belleair Wealth Management’s dynamic financial duo, so we brought in ANOTHER Dave – David Bennett – to talk with Luke and Jim about foundations, both personal and organizational, and how they can be provided with the help from the National Christian Foundation.   Learn how to be a blessing to many in this podcast.

Love Plexus

It was Sarah Brangenberg and Friends on this special edition of the program as we learned how these Christ-following business women had their lives transformed by Plexus.  What’s Plexus?  And what does its offering of clean living do for the Kingdom?  Tune in to find out!

Let’s Ride!

We took our bikes out today (figuratively speaking, of course!) as we invited the leaders of two great bicycle-centered ministries in studio to detail how they’re using wheels to talk about Jesus.  Super cool!  Patrick Simmons with Bikes for Christ and Jon Dengler with Well Built Bikes are hopping on the saddle and riding for Him!  Grab your helmet and roll with us!!  [replay]