Actions Vs Intentions
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It’s financial dynamos, Luke Andrews and – for the last time – Dave Kruis, who says he is tired of us making fun of his golfing game… Luckily, their financial game is much less shabby, and our boys waxed greatly on Kingdom Investing. Tune in.

Featured Guests: Luke Andrews & Dave Kruis

Workplace / Ministry: Belleair Wealth Management

InterviewJim Brangenberg
A Mother’s Mission Field

We had the chance today to chat with Karen Stubbs from “Birds on a Wire Moms”, and focused on the hard work of moms and the difficulty of living out their faith in their daily grind – and how moms can encourage each other by seeing God’s work in their daily mom assignment.

Featured Guest: Karen Stubbs, Dana Sitton, Maria Shanlian

Workplace / Ministry: Birds on a Wire

InterviewJim Brangenberg
ACU & You

We stopped at Arizona Christian University to hear from their President, Len Munsil, and several students and graduates about how they are being prepared to live out their faith in their work – no matter what that work may be. Hear Kingdom Intentionality on the College University NOW.

Featured Guest: Len Munsil & students

Workplace / Ministry: Arizona Christian University

InterviewJim Brangenberg
The Need For Women In Chaplaincy
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A desperate need in the field is discussed with Marketplace Chaplains as Jim and Martha broke down the urgency – and why it’s so important for more women to take on this role in transforming our work into a mission field.

Featured Guests: Jason Burns, Gwen Roxburgh, Kwabea Francis, Rachel Hogue, & Julie Simcosky

Workplace / Ministry: Marketplace Chaplains

InterviewJim Brangenberg
Wisdom From The Junkyard
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EVERY workplace is a space where Jesus can thrive; from a booming Fortune-500 company to a mom-and-pop coffee shoppe – and everything in between, as was shown today with author Roy Goble as he introduced us to his new book, “Salvaged”, which is a story of leadership lessons gleaned from working at his father’s junkyard.  Tune in for some treasures.

Featured Guest: Roy Goble

Ministry/Workplace: Junkyard Wisdom

InterviewJim Brangenberg
Arts In The Kingdom!

We got artsy on the show today with Keith Thibodeaux – Little Ricky and the drummer of David and The Giants! Keith and his bride, Katy, are bringing Ballet Magnificat! – the world’s Premier Christian Ballet Company – to St Pete!

Total Facility, Total Faith

From the Factory Floor to the Executive Suite, Total Facility Care helps your business make a great first impression, and they also hope to leave an impression on your heart and soul! These fine folks in Colorado do amazing work for your business, and even more amazing work for the Great Commission.

Featured Guests: Pete Gazlay, Leland Kehler & Dan Anderson

Workplace / Ministry: Total Facility Care - Kingdom Way Ministries

InterviewJim Brangenberg
Our Jobs Are More Than Just "Jobs"

It’s a familiar refrain from your Workplace Ministry Radio Show Hosts, but it is always worth repeating: Your workplace IS your Mission Field, wherever that workplace may be , and we got yet another look into how some business leaders are operating with their Faith at the forefront as we continued our journey through the workplace ministries in Colorado; today, a car dealer and, later, a career developer.

Featured Guests: Bill Johnson, Christian Hawkins & Dan Anderson

Workplace / Ministry: Weld County Garage - Kingdom Way Ministries