"Turning Sunday's Inspiration Into Monday's Perspiration"

What's up in Colorado with the Faith At Work Movement? We got a taste today via Dan Anderson and Kingdom Way Ministries, who are "Making Work and Ministry One" and introducing us to a slew of workplace missionaries of all shapes and sizes; today, it's home building with Baessler Homes and their story of manufacturing abodes and abiding by Faith.

Featured Guests: Jamie Baessler & Dan Anderson

Workplace / Ministry: Kingdom Way Ministries - Baessler Homes

An Intro to LifeCare

Our stop in Austin with Tony Dale at Sedera Health brought with it an introduction to area business owner, Andy Schoonover, and a look into is work, LifeCare, who are transforming lives through education and services that empower life-affirming choices regarding sexual activity and pregnancy; all with the the compassion of Christ.

Featured Guests: Tony Dale & Andy Schoonover

Workplace / Ministry: Sedera Health - Austin LifeCare

Christ-Minded Networking

Learn how Michael Chetelat’s ministry, the Christian Business Network, is a divine dovetail from his Believer testimony into a diverse networking community that brings together all sorts of business men and women with one underlying, unifying thread: Jesus!

Featured Guest: Michael Chetelat

Workplace / Ministry: Christian Business Network

“God Of The Second Shift”

Faith, work and culture guru, Jeff Haanan, went in-depth on the insightful article he wrote that inspired your host to reach out for a radio interview; and Jeff did NOT disappoint. Grab Jeff’s perspective on the Workplace Revolution ASAP.

Featured Guest: Jeff Haanen

Workplace / Ministry: Uncommon Retirement