Tony And Felicity Go To India

We had a chance to catch up with the Dales out of Austin (TX) with Sedera Health to get an update on their recent trip to India where they had an opportunity to encourage Believers to live out their Faith to impact their communities. Hear their inspired journey in this podcast!

Featured Guests: Tony & Felicity Dale

Ministry/Workplace: Sedera Health

The Story Of A Champion

Another great introduction from our friends at Love2020 as they brought to our audience Craig and Hazel Dance of Champion Coaches. This amazing story has EVERYTHING – tune in to hear the cost paid for an incredible payoff.

Featured Guests: Kathy Branzell, Craig & Hazel Dance

Ministry/Workplace: Champion Coach - Love2020

Michael Miracle
Jim And Martha Talk “iWork4Him”

On a throwback “Together-On-Tuesdays”, Jim and Martha went long on the state of our radio program; what we’ve done and where we want to go – and how YOU can help. Dive in and get a good look at our past, present and future.

Featured Guests: Jim & Martha

Ministry/Workplace: iWork4Him - DONATE!!

Michael Miracle
The Revolution WILL Be Televised

And Rich Marshall is at that helm with God TV and “God Is Working”, two ministries designed to help you make that connection between your Faith and Life. Rich poured some great insight throughout this show – listen to hear his perspective and get a glimpse into how they do it on the TV side!

Featured Guest: Rich Marshall

Ministry/Workplace: God TV & God is Working

A Fix For A Broken System

The first of a few guests via Guy Rodgers with Pinnacle Forum has brought us who are shining examples of implementing their Faith at Work. First up, it’s Mark Upton of Christian Family Care, who’s mission is serving children without forever homes; and they’re finding them these homes. Hear how NOW!

Featured Guests: Mark Upton & Guy Rodgers

Ministry/Workplace: Christian Family Care - Pinnacle Forum