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The Impact of 4Word

Day IV of our all-encompassing look at the incredible women’s ministry, 4Word, and today we brought in Patty Ross, Lauren Millsaps and Virginia Prodan to get their respective takes on how this working-woman Ministry has effected their lives and the world around them.

InterviewJim Brangenberg
Meet Another 4Word Woman

Another day dissecting the profound works of the women’s ministry, 4Word, as we had a chance to chat with Kelly Thurman, who shared about the transformation that took place in her life when she dedicated herself to pouring her heart, soul and faith into other working women via this ministry.

InterviewJim Brangenberg
An Introduction to 4Word

We kicked off our 4Word Women week today as we talked with their founder, Diane Paddison, and board member, Katheryn Tack.  Learn how this ministry is helping working women of all varieties – and how you can get involved – in this wide-ranging intro to an incredible ministry.

InterviewMartha Brangenberg
An Intro to Lipscomb University

We were super honored to’ve been doing this show – and other shows –  LIVE from Lipscomb University’s College of Business and their Center for Business as Mission.  Rob Touchstone, who created the Center, gave us a bird’s eye view, then when in depth, of how the Center is training business leaders how – and why – to live their faith within their work worlds.

InterviewJim Brangenberg
CLA is Equipping Leaders

Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA) are Christ-centered leaders committed to investing in other leaders in order to advance the Kingdom of God, and we parsed those particulars with Tami Heim,  President and CEO of CLA, today in a podcast brimming with insightful iWork4Him commentary.

InterviewJim Brangenberg
Luke and Dave and Financial Stewardship

The financial gurus from Belleair Wealth Management, Luke Andrews and Dave Kruis, were back for another round of financial advice-heavy radio as they explored more the idea of Bibically-responsible investing.  Tune in to learn how they’re changing up portfolios to reflect stewardship to Him.

InterviewJim Brangenberg
Why Should You Be ONE of 367?

As our “Be ONE of 367” Campaign continues, Jim and Martha highlighted several testimonials from friends of the program who’ve been transformed by Working4Him – and detailed what an expansion of the Workplace Revolution would look like.

InterviewJim Brangenberg
Millennials Matter

We learned a TON about a great new book, “Millennials Matter”, by way of the author herself, Danita Bye, who stopped by to give her take on why this generation is important.  Jim and Martha went in-depth and explored Danita’s faith story, too.  Tune in for an insightful and inspired convo.

InterviewJim Brangenberg
James Autry is Serving Neighbors

More from Hub Nation 2018 as Jim and Martha went in-depth with the "Marketplace Coalition" member to break down their mission of shaping leaders and helping those leaders have a Kingdom mindset.  James also touched on his work with "Serving Our Neighbors", which acts to raise up leaders and build bridges towards a better, thriving community.  

InterviewJim Brangenberg