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The Whiteman’s Gospel

Day I of our trek through the as-of-currently-not-so-Arctic tundra in Mn as Jim and Martha hit the road yet again for some iWork4Him road trippin’.  Today saw the journeying duo chatting up Craig and LaDonna Smith from Tribal Rescue Ministries about Craig’s latest book that focuses on his own experience as a Native American growing up in a white man’s world.

Luke and Dave and Marriage


It was another rousing one with Luke and Dave from Belleair Wealth Management as the financial wizards joined Jim for an hour on money and marriage.  The trio got real on how budgeting can impact marriages – and the boys even gave personal anecdotes on how they deal with the stress that can crop up.  Don’t miss this show with the boys from Belleair!

A Conversation with Dr White

Our stop in Kansas saw us with an opportunity to chat with our friends, Dr Paul and Kathy White, about how Christ is moving in their lives and business.  We also talked with Dr White about his series of books and how they can help you flourish in your workplace.

Workplace Ministry in San Antonio

Jim and Martha talked more with Bill Peel, plus got an introduction to the Executive Director of “Biblical Leadership for Excellence”,  Joe Carroll, to get his expert thoughts on the “Workplace Mission Field” – and we also had a chance to talk about his inspired book, “Experiencing God in Your Work”.

The Holy Spirit in Austin

Back with Sedera Health’s own, Tony Dale, as our buddy introduced us to Pete Hayes and Chief Outsiders, who are helping companies market, profit and grow.  Pete’s vision is inspiring; and his heart for Him shines through.  Tune in for an impactful 60 minutes of working4Him in the Lone Star State!

Andy Mason’s God Conversations

We had the honor and pleasure of having the Director of Heaven in Business, Andy Mason, on air with Jim and Martha to talk how, exactly, to bring Jesus into your workplace.  The origin story of Andy’s ministry is fascinating – almost as fascinating as him and his story.  Check out this very special podcast to learn lots about Love, Life and Workplace Ministry.

Featured Guest:  Andy Mason
Ministry/Workplace:  Heaven in Business

Dr. Ivy is Educating the Masses

Powerful stuff from Dr Ivy Bonk with MyTIS.  What’s that?  They’re a resource and training site that provide and coalesce resources and training, while being intentional about bringing everyone together around the challenging and rewarding work of trauma-informed education.  Her story is powerful and poignant.  Tune in.

The Haabys at Hub Nation

Back in Bend, OR for some more iWork4Him interview ACTION as Jim and Martha had the chance to talk with the Haabys, Bobby and Becky, about their business – Eagle Mountain – their faith within and outside their work, and what they’re doing and learning at this year’s Hub Nation Summit.