Advancing the Kingdom in Austin

We took another stop in Austin (TX) to visit with our friends at Sedera Health and chat about how their mission is progressing, and also to get an introduction to the Austin Bridge Builder’s Alliance, who are are looking to advance the Kingdom of God through flourishing comminities across Greater Austin – great testimonies, both.  Hear them now:

InterviewJim Brangenberg
Make Plans for this Summit

It’s coming up at the end of March in DC, and you NEED to be there – the Culture Shapers Summit and it’s packed with headliners.  We grabbed sponsor of the event, Os Hillman, and a couple of integral players to hear more about how they intend to change the world with this event.  Tune in.

InterviewJim Brangenberg
Marriage Mentoring Saves Marriages

The Stoppes, Steve and Rhonda, a dynamic married duo who know a thing or three about keeping marriages strong, joined Jim and Martha for a conversation about becoming the couple you long to be – it’s faith and work and marriage on another edition of “Together on Tuesdays”.

Impact the World with a Biblical Worldview

Guest, Christian Overman, brought on a few folks with him to put on display how – and why – having a Biblical Worldview can literally change the world.  It impacts how we interact with folks EVERYWHERE – inside our workplace, and out.  Change your perspective and move the movement inside this podcast.

Host Vs Host

DC Radio Host, Carl Grant, joined us as another Brother in broadcasting to talk about how his his radio show, Faith @ Work, is highlighting faith’s movement in the center of the political universe.  His parallel message of bringing faith to work is touching hearts and souls EVERYWHERE.

InterviewJim Brangenberg
Apartment Livin’

Mission fields are EVERYWHERE – including apartments, and that’s exactly where Sean Bailey and company are operating with their organization, Apartment Life, which is bringing Jesus to this living space; one unit at a time.

InterviewJim Brangenberg
Live Life Generously

Everyday!  How?  Easy* – well, maybe not that easy, but definitely worth it – it takes God-led, intentional movement and processes.  And we heard about it via the father-son duo, Drew and Brad Formsma, who wrote the book, “Everyday Generosity”, and told us why it works.  Be generous with your listening of this podcast and understand how this concept is changing the world.

Two CEOs, One Vision

A couple of heavy -hitters from this year’s FCCI International Summit on this show with Chad Merrill – CEO of FCCI – and Greg Leith – CEO of Convene – who gave some great insight on their respective on organizations, and why they’re imperative to the Workplace Revolution.

InterviewJim Brangenberg
Dr. Al-Aakhir Gets Real

Join the good Doc as he hops in the hot seat to guest-host a show about bringing Biblical solutions to your financial life.  His guest, Dr. James N. Wilkerson, Jr., was a true sensation – listen.  And take notes.