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Legacy is a Baton

Jeff Rogers popped by to talk about sharing wealth and wisdom to our children and grand-children in an effort to create a thriving family legacy.  Learn how Jeff’s grandmother taught him to pass down love, life, faith and money so he could avoid massive pitfalls in squandering these gifts.


A new feature with Martha taking the reigns to chat with Kingdom-driven women about how they’re advancing the iWork4Him Mission in their respective workplaces.  Today, along with National iWork4Him Brand Ambassador, Caroline Mendez, it was CFO of Belay Solutions, Lisa Zeeveld.

Marriage Mentoring Saves Marriages

The Stoppes, Steve and Rhonda, a dynamic married duo who know a thing or three about keeping marriages strong, joined Jim and Martha for a conversation about becoming the couple you long to be – it’s faith and work and marriage on another edition of “Together on Tuesdays”.

Live Life Generously

Everyday!  How?  Easy* – well, maybe not that easy, but definitely worth it – it takes God-led, intentional movement and processes.  And we heard about it via the father-son duo, Drew and Brad Formsma, who wrote the book, “Everyday Generosity”, and told us why it works.  Be generous with your listening of this podcast and understand how this concept is changing the world.


What happens when we put the customer and the stockholder first?  More often than not, a result of happy stockholders, but miserable employees.  Dr Randy Ross seeks to change that, and he told us his plan via his book, “Relationomics”, which advocates starting to love and appreciate our PEOPLE first.  Sure does!  Tune in to find out how!

Money Lessons From The Old Testaments

We took a trip to Hotlanta this afternoon to chat with Robert Watkins of “Conquer Worldwide” to learn about the relationship between the kings and priests in the Old Testament and the economy.  Does a lot of this stuff apply to you?  Most definitely!  Get to listening to this podcast and hear how.

What are the Costs of Following Jesus?

Jim and Martha took a deep dive into what it means and looks like to walk out our obedience in the Marketplace.  They revealed the seven costs of really following Jesus at work and why we can not just be “good people”.  Jesus called us to be more than that – hear about it now.

A Millennial Love Story

Jim and Martha – LIVE from this year’s FCCI International Summit in California – brought on power duo, Brian and Gabrielle Bosche, the married couple and brain children of “The Millennial Solution”, to share how they’re reshaping the working world through inspired speaking engagements, podcasts, books and workshops.

Finding Jesus at the Gym

Fitness power couple, JT & Ana Maria Tapias with FIT Method 413, popped on for an hour of high-energy praising and witnessing as the Brangenberg’s dug deep into the Tapias’ story of love, faith and redemption.  You’ll want to hear how this duo are bringing folks to their knees with unrelenting strength and wisdom.