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B.L.E.S.S. gives you the tools to become a Light for Christ in your neighborhood.  They provide all the tools to get to know your neighbors by name so that you can begin to build relationships with them!

Avoiding Temptation at Work

Powerful words today from Steve Reynolds and David Winters about their latest book, “Taking God to Work”, which gives practical steps to bring Jesus to your workplace in a way that is real and authentic – and proven.

Barna Makes Data Come Alive

Roxanne Stone, the Editor in Chief at the Barna Group, joined us to talk about their survey re: Faith and Work and highlighted some surprising stats over a wide range of topics: millennials, work and faith, economic activity, and so much more.  These stats are impressive – learn about them now:

Impact the World with a Biblical Worldview

Guest, Christian Overman, brought on a few folks with him to put on display how – and why – having a Biblical Worldview can literally change the world.  It impacts how we interact with folks EVERYWHERE – inside our workplace, and out.  Change your perspective and move the movement inside this podcast.

Dr. Al-Aakhir Gets Real

Join the good Doc as he hops in the hot seat to guest-host a show about bringing Biblical solutions to your financial life.  His guest, Dr. James N. Wilkerson, Jr., was a true sensation – listen.  And take notes.

Defending Our Faith

Brad Dacus from the Pacific Justice Institute was our esteemed guest this afternoon as he talked about his courtroom work in defending those who are in legal battles fighting for their faith in the workplace.  Hear some amazing victories from the man who’s at the front lines.

The New at New Life

We had the chance to chat – courtesy of Ross Harrop with the C12 Group in Tampa Bay – with the newly-branded CEO of New Life Solutions, Charles DiMarco,  and we learned about the leadership transition process, and how Charles plans on using his experience to bring New Life to the next level.

Some Past, Some Future

Greg Forster joined us to recap last year’s Faith and Work Summit in Chicago and clue folks in on what they missed at this truly inspired event.  He also gave a primer on what to expect at the next event, and why YOU need to be in attendance.

Pocket Power!

One of our favorite ministries – The Pocket Testament League – was on the air with us today to talk their history (which involved chocolate!) and their mission (which involves saving souls!).  We also had a handful of folks check in to give real-world testaments about how PTL has changed their lives and those who’ve received these given these tiny, live-changing books!

Think Utility, Think Faith

We were honored to chat with Bill Wolf and Roger Ross from brand new show sponsor, Think Utility Services, about their faith stories, how they bring Jesus into their work-space and the impact their making everyday with their work and faith.