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Our Jobs Are More Than Just "Jobs"

It’s a familiar refrain from your Workplace Ministry Radio Show Hosts, but it is always worth repeating: Your workplace IS your Mission Field, wherever that workplace may be , and we got yet another look into how some business leaders are operating with their Faith at the forefront as we continued our journey through the workplace ministries in Colorado; today, a car dealer and, later, a career developer.

Featured Guests: Bill Johnson, Christian Hawkins & Dan Anderson

Workplace / Ministry: Weld County Garage - Kingdom Way Ministries

Thoughts On Summer, Retirement and Ethiopia

We had the treat of having a listener from Jacksonville, Courtney Gullett, share her ministry – Love for Ethiopia – and how they care for the orphans of Ethiopia by providing them with an opportunity for a quality education. Plus, Jim and Martha waxed philosophically on activities near and far :)

Featured Guest: Courtney Gullett

Workplace / Ministry: Love for Ethiopia