SHARE - Part I

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Over the last 4 weeks we have talked through the strategy behind the iWork4Him Nation Covenant.

It's all about developing a lifestyle of Prayer, Care and Share. We have talked through PRAYER and CARE. If you have missed those blogs, CLICK HERE to catch up.

This week and next we talk about SHARE.

To be honest, this is where most Christ Followers get hung up. We have been taught that in order for us to be effective, we need to have some routine and 16 scriptures memorized.

It is REALLY important that we realize that we will not be SAVING anyone. We will not be leading them to Christ. That is the work of Holy Spirit.

You are never going to argue someone into following Jesus. We just need to be willing to share our Jesus story, realize the hopelessness of our own lives without Jesus, recognize our need to get rid of our sin through repenting, (turning 180 degrees) and start walking down the narrow path with Jesus.

We just need to get our story down.

  • How did you realize your need for Jesus?

  • What was life like without Him?

  • What was rampant sin doing to you and those around you?

  • How hard was it to surrender to a Lord who was all loving, all forgiving, all merciful and also full of grace?

Then you need to tell them what life has been like since you surrendered from living your life your own way to walking with Jesus His Way. Please don't make this more difficult than it needs to be. When you are sharing your story, you are sharing the Truth and how the Truth set you free, once and for all.

Next week, I am going to share with you a few methods that I have found to keep the scriptures straight in my mind, as we take the conversation from sharing our story to sharing about Jesus and what He said when He was here.

If they know you CARE, they will allow you to SHARE.


About the Author, Jim Brangenberg

Jim's Mission: We are called to be examples of Christ to those around us. With that in mind, Jim is passionate about helping Christ followers connect their faith to their work!

Jim Brangenberg