Retirement Reformation

elderly couple walking down street

Retirement is under attack. Not by the media, the news, or even the government, but Satan. For far too many years, we've allowed the enemy to woo some of the most valuable citizens in the kingdom to sleep.

How did he do this? By providing social security and 401k plans by promoting retirement villages and neighborhoods, and by building freeways to retirement destinations like Florida and Arizona.

Why did the enemy do this?

The enemy has convinced "chronologically superior" people to check out, gather together in one place, sit back, relax, and enjoy the rainbows and unicorns of a well deserved rest. What the enemy knew then is what we now know full well. When the wise and experienced generations are distanced from the younger generations, they start to mimic the behaviors of Rehoboam and his "friends" (1 King 12:8).


Enough of believing the lies that retirement is well deserved. Enough of checking out. Enough of slipping quietly away.


This world is falling apart and YOU, the iRetire4Him Nation, are desperately needed. Reject the lies that you are not needed and embrace the Truth that you are a key to discipling (investing spiritually) and mentoring (living life in their midst) the next generations. If you step up, our country has a chance and the kingdom will again begin advancing with a tidal wave of strength.

You have an ally here on iWork4Him. We need you. I need you. Retirement Reformation is underway and you are cutting edge. Bruce Bruinsma talked with me on Wednesday about this very subject. Take a listen!

Added bonus - if you mentor and disciple a Millennial, at least you would have free phone tech support!


About the Author, Jim Brangenberg

Jim's Mission: We are called to be examples of Christ to those around us. With that in mind, Jim is passionate about helping Christ followers connect their faith to their work!

Jim Brangenberg