You've heard the business motto:

The customer is always right and the customer comes first.

How's that working for us today? Not good, not good at all. The general market news media has one thing right, and it’s only marginally right at that. Corporate America has become a bastion of creating wealth and ignoring of people. Stock holders generally come before the customers and the employees.

As Jesus followers we know this is wrong. The economists are finally coming to their senses and seeing this is wrong as well. When the employees of an organization feel treated like a number, they respond like a prime number. They are lonely, with 1 as their only ally and the ability to divide and conquer is destroyed.

In contrast, when employees work in an environment where they are genuinely loved and appreciated, the bottom line is impacted exponentially. Is anyone talking about this impact? Will corporate America ever wake up and realize this?

Dr. Randy Ross is founder and CEO (Chief Enthusiasm Officer) of Remarkable!

Dr. Randy Ross is founder and CEO (Chief Enthusiasm Officer) of Remarkable!

We need Jesus Followers to start leading by loving, instead of leading by pressure. How did Jesus bring out the best in the 12 disciples? He loved them unconditionally and showed that with firm rebukes and a loving touch, then he died for them.

Willing to lead? Are you willing to die? Randy Ross and I talked about Relationomics this week. It is not a new concept but it can change the world.

Jesus Followers need to lead the way.


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