1/12 of the Year is Behind Us – Did You Pray?

It's February already. I know, Crazy.  My Mom and Dad were right when they told me that time flies faster and faster the older you get.  So, what did you do with 1/12 of the year of our Lord 2018?  Did you live out your faith in your neighborhood, your home, your workplace?  You may be asking:

“Jim, I want to do that, but I don’t know how. Can you make a suggestion?”

Here is what I suggest.  It always starts with prayer.  Prayer is the power behind true change. It brings humility and clarity and it brings on the Holy Spirit driven power. 

Prayer is such an essential part of the iWork4Him Nation that we talk about on our website.  You can (and should!) join the iWork4Him Nation today.  Click on this link and it will tell you all that is involved. It doesn’t cost money but it will cost you. If you make the commitment to join the iWork4Him Nation, your life will never be the same again.  Following Jesus means everything about you will be changing. Start with Prayer and clicking on this link -   


Please tell me about your experience once you start living out the iWork4Him Nation Covenant every day in your workplace by sending me an email here ---> jim@iWork4Him.com

For the Kingdom

About the Author, Jim Brangenberg

Jim's Mission: To transform Christian-run businesses through mentoring Christian Business Owners (CBOs) by incorporating the servant leadership of Jesus Christ in their businesses, their home life and their walk with Christ.

Jim Brangenberg