The Lie of the American Dream – Part 2

Reality in the face of scripture.

Last week we touched on the lie of the American Dream, filled with empty promises and false hope.  Many will live out their American Dream – retiring with a pile of money, on a golf course or on a beach, living life to the fullest to the very end.  Believe it or not, this kind of living doesn’t lead to peace and contentment, it leads to boredom and poor health.

You see, Work was provided by God to bring Glory to Him. Our Father in Heaven is a worker and we are to be like Him throughout our lives.  Last week we determined to pray for God to reveal His truth to us.  

What did you discover? 

In Genesis chapters 1 and 2 God laid out his plan for Mankind.  His plan included many duties but essentially He directed us to work.  He also commanded a day of rest to refresh and focus on family and God.

Retirement is only mentioned once in the Bible.  Numbers 8:23-26 instructs the Levites to work from age 25 – 50.  Even after age 50 they are encouraged to move into a support role for the priest, but no longer officiate in the service.

The Bible doesn’t teach an end to our working years.  Instead of retirement – let’s consider a second phase.  In this phase we can have purpose and direction without the demands of the daily grind.   Consider serving those in the game rather than sitting in the bleachers, as spectators.

Romans 12:2

Stop Copying the Behavior and Customs of this world, but let God transform you, into a new person, by Changing the Way you Think!

Retirement, the way the world touts it,  isn’t God’s desire for your life. He wants you off the bleachers of life and a part of the game.

Next Week – IF Retirement isn’t biblical – what does my next stage of life look like?

About the Author, Jim Brangenberg

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