What I Learned in 2017 - Part II

God wants all of it, not just 10%.

For the last 4 ½ years Martha and I have been involved in the radio ministry of iWork4Him.  We talk about living out our faith at work each and every day – connecting what we hear on Sunday with what we do in our “9 to 5”.  

We have been in ministry for decades –

youth ministry
marriage ministry
insurance ministry
used car ministry.

However, we always thought that we would be one of those couples who made money and then generously gave it away to kingdom impactful missionaries and ministries in the USA and around the globe. 

Let me step back and share some history.  

Martha and I both committed our lives to full time Christian Ministry Friday Night July 13, 1979.  We both committed to surrendering everything, all of our lives.   “The call” on our lives really became living, breathing, and active in the Marketplace.  

We find ourselves on the radio because of that calling.

The night in 1979 and the active nature of our networking in the marketplace.  We were just sharing our hearts about how to be intentional with our faith in the workplace and God used that one speech on 2/19/13 to launch our radio ministry.  We continued to work fulltime in our marketplace jobs until 6/2016 when God made it clear that He wanted us to go all in, no safety nets, no other work – just ALL IN, growing the influence of iWork4Him because of the impact of the message. Every time we talk with a Christ Follower about their workplace as a place of ministry and a mission field – they are deeply moved and want to know more.  Millions of Christ Followers need to know that their work matters to God.  

Back to the story.

Martha and I are entrepreneurs. God asked us to remove the crutch of our fulltime jobs and depend on Him for provision.  That is/was/still is scary.  IT is so easy to say I am fully committed to following Jesus but when it came to really living that out in dependence for my food clothing and shelter – it became a new step of faith.  

It is important to note that from day one the Lord has provided people to come alongside iWork4Him to provide for our radio costs.  

As the show has grown the provision has too.  All along the Lord has provided, yet I still doubted.   We had savings. God led us into a debt free lifestyle starting in 1999, so we were prepared but I don’t know if you are ever really prepared to go ALL IN.   God asked us to set aside all that we know to follow Him, He asked us to put aside what we know as our talents and abilities and said “Trust Me”.  

It takes all that I have to do this every day.

It was easier to trust God for His provision when I had a great paying job and nice cars.  It’s a different story now that we are involved in a dynamic ministry with no debt, one car with a slipping transmission and the other one too small for travel. God has asked us to Trust Him when it was easy and now when it is harder.  The amazing thing?  God continues to provide miraculously.  Our money has lasted 6 months longer than it should have and we have been able to cut corners. God continues to draw us close and challenge us to trust Him, especially when it doesn’t make sense.  I understand a little of what was asked of Abraham when he took his family into the promised land without a map and contract.  When He wants all of me, I have everything to lose if I say no, and everything of real significance to gain when I say “YES”. 

Matthew 22:37New Living Translation (NLT)

37 Jesus replied, “‘You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.’

About the Author, Jim Brangenberg

Jim's Mission: To transform Christian-run businesses through mentoring Christian Business Owners (CBOs) by incorporating the servant leadership of Jesus Christ in their businesses, their home life and their walk with Christ.

Jim Brangenberg