What I Learned in 2017 - Part I

It’s just stuff and it is all replaceable – if you want to

Martha and I have the privilege of living across the street from the Gulf of Mexico, on a barrier island south of Clearwater Beach, Florida.  Having grown up in Minnesota – the lure of the warm days all year long were too hard to resist and the Doctor actually said it would be best for Martha’s long term health.  The health part – her lungs and sinuses have been virtually problem free over the 14 years in Florida(except a few months). 

What the good Dr. Sobel didn’t mention was that living near the salt water would be good for Martha’s physical health it could be VERY bad for OUR emotional health during hurricane season. 

Most years the hurricane season is a bunch of hype. We all know that weather guys have to make a living too!  However, this year, like in 2004, was a very active and emotional hurricane season with 4 major landfalls in the us and US Territories. In fact the damage inflicted by Hurricanes this year will top over 100 billion dollars.

Now back to my story…

Most hurricane seasons are a non-event. Four days before IRMA headed to Florida, Martha and I were headed out to Cincinnati to broadcast from the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum.  This had been a planned trip months before the date but we left days early to avoid getting caught in the horrible traffic leaving Florida. The weather forecasters were predicting 100+ MPH winds and storm surge 5 to 8 feet.

A storm like that would have destroyed our home. 

So, what do you take with you in your little Chevy Equinox knowing that you may in fact have nothing left when you return.  Those were tough conversations. In reality, we could take little more than important papers and what we needed for the trip.  We needed to take gasoline with us, since most of Florida was without gas by this point in IRMA week.   When we left our home and headed north we said good bye. We had everything we needed and everything else was replaceable.  Thank God that we had our kids scan our pictures from the pre-digital era. We had our memories and some clothes to get us by and offers for relocation if everything was destroyed.

What did we learn?

It is all just stuff, we use the stuff but its stuff and it’s all replaceable. IF you want to.  We thank God that He spared our home, many were not so fortunate this year from hurricanes and fires.  If you have a bunch of stuff that others can use – let go of it now while it is still useful to someone else.

Luke 12:15New Living Translation (NLT)

15 Then he said, “Beware! Guard against every kind of greed. Life is not measured by how much you own.”

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