There is Always Something You Do Not Know

Ever been ticked off in your car, a store, or your church?  Have you been thinking of the things you were going to say to that person to set them straight?  Scheming in your mind the perfect delivery? Getting ready to let them have all that they deserve?  

Anger and Frustration creeps up so easily, especially when you think people are taking advantage of you. 

But what about the rest of the story?  Do you know what is really going on in their life? Why they would act that way?  Martha said to me one day:

Hurting people, hurt people

We need to seek first to understand… before we judge.  Matthew 7:3-5 talks about the splinter we are so eager to point out in our brothers eye when we have a “stinking telephone pole” in our own eye. 

Why are we so focused on other people’s issues when we have sooooo many of our own?

On Saturday I was reading an article that describes a situation we all have experienced. I think the best thing the author Joshua Rogers wrote was a quote by Oswald Chambers

…There is always at least one more fact, which we know nothing about, in every person’s situation.

I encourage you to read the article and laugh along with me and rejoice along with me that Fox News let Joshua Rogers actually write something about the Holy Spirit.

Take time to seek to understand those around you who are hurting others.  They need you to love them in the name of Jesus.  You are a gift to them.

About the Author, Jim Brangenberg

Jim's Mission: To transform Christian-run businesses through mentoring Christian Business Owners (CBOs) by incorporating the servant leadership of Jesus Christ in their businesses, their home life and their walk with Christ.

Jim Brangenberg