Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday's?

We work and live alongside people who may or may not agree with us that “Jesus is the reason for the Season”. 

So, is it offensive to say “Merry Christmas”? 

In my opinion, it depends on how you say it.   

Let’s look at the example Christ set for us.

Jesus spent his ministry showing love to everyone he met. If they were messed up in sexual addictions, he loved them. If they were messed up in stealing from people, he loved them. If they were ridiculous religious people who burdened people with nonsense, he loved them. 

He loved them right where they were, asked them questions to get them thinking, and then called them to leave their life of sin (repent). 

Are you a judger? I am. 

I struggle with judging people all the time. Did Jesus judge people?  He balanced Mercy, Love and Justice all at one time. 

Be known for Love and Mercy this season. 

Commit to learning to love people right where they are this Christmas season.  Don’t scream “MERRY CHRISTMAS” at them when they say Happy Holidays.  Be Gentle as the Lord is gentle.  The Lord will use our unconditional love to touch someone’s heart with His love…at Christmas and every day!

About the Author, Jim Brangenberg

Jim's Mission: To transform Christian-run businesses through mentoring Christian Business Owners (CBOs) by incorporating the servant leadership of Jesus Christ in their businesses, their home life and their walk with Christ.

Jim Brangenberg