Asking Great Questions - Pt III

Concluding our series on Asking Great Questions,   let’s continue to look at a fantastic book I recently read by Bob Tiede “Great Leaders ask Questions: A fortune 100 List”.  A leader is someone who has a follower, someone who has influence over another. You are a leader.

This week, lets focus our final set of questions on questions you should be asking your direct reports.  

A great leader needs to be humble enough to ask these questions and listen for the answers.

 Here are a few from Bob Tiede’s book:

A 360 review from your people…

·         What do I need to start doing?
·         What do I need to stop doing?
·         What do I need to do more of?
·         What do I need to do less of?
·         What do I need to continue to do?

Take the pulse of your organization by asking your people these questions…

·         What do you like best about this company/organization?
·         What do you like least
·         What would you change if you could?
·         Who needs to be let go?
·         What position needs to be filled?
·         What product or service needs to be discontinued?
·         What new product or service needs to be launched?

Jesus was the ultimate question asker.

He intentionally led conversation through questions that taught a lesson.  

(here’s a great list of his examples in scripture)
Start being a leader and stop being a teller, ask great questions. Check out Bob’s Tiede’s blog: .

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