Asking Great Questions - Pt II

Continuing our series on Asking Great Questions, I am highlighting excerpts from a fantastic book by Bob Tiede “Great Leaders ask Questions: A fortune 100 List”.  As a reminder, a leader is defined as someone who has a follower, someone who has influence over another. 

There are questions my coach/mentor/”Paul”  should be asking me. Do you have such a person in your life? Someone who is investing in you. Someone who is discipling you.  

We need individuals in our lives that will ask the tough questions.

 Here are a few tough questions from Bob Tiede’s book for my mentor to ask me:

·         What is something that would be impossible to do, but if you could do it, would dramatically increase your success (whatever your workplace may be)? What would make it possible?
·         What is the most meaningful thing that has happened to you since we last met?
·         How has God surprised you lately?
·         What questions are you asking yourself lately?
·         Last time we met you said that by today, you wanted to get “a, b, c, “ done. How has that gone?
·         What are you doing?
·         What is not working?
·         What is working?
·         By the time we meet next, what further progress do you want to make?

These questions really get the wheels spinning. We need to spend more time asking great questions of ourselves.

It’s time to listen to what God is saying to us each day.

We need someone in our lives asking us great questions.  Someone who cares enough to not tell the answers but to guide us and make us search for the answers.

Are you asking great questions?  Is someone asking you great questions?

I just did…


About the Author, Jim Brangenberg

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