Knowing God’s Will: #3 - God Guides Us Through the Counsel of Other Christ Followers

Surrounding yourself with wise counsel is key to knowing the will of God in your life.  Key factors for selecting wise counsel should include being sold out for Jesus, someone who loves to pray and is in the word of God daily .  These are significant components for how they provide wise counsel.  You can utilize wise counsel by asking questions and listening.  Make sure you seek people that have no personal benefit from their answers.  Allow them time to answer. 

God is not in a hurry – you are.  Wait. 

I recommend that you pray long and hard before you seek wise counsel.  Ask the Lord to direct you to the Christ follower in your life that is best equipped to answer. 

When you ask the question of your wise counselor, be prepared to answer difficult questions and listen to the response.  

It may not be the answer you are looking for, which is clear evidence that you need to be listening.  Lastly, seek the advice of multiple counselors, including your spouse – if you are married.

Why does God use these wise counselors in our lives?  To help us discern God’s will and show us how to be wise counselors for others.

Next week: Knowing God’s will: #4 God himself will confirm His will for us as we diligently bring our petitions before Him.

About the Author, Jim Brangenberg

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Jim Brangenberg