Knowing God's Will: #2 - God Guides and Directs Us Through Circumstances

The little book “Affirming the Will of God” by Paul E. Little shares four checkpoints to knowing the will of God for us.  This week let’s look at #2.

Knowing God’s will: #2 God guides and directs us through circumstances

In the search for understanding God’s will in my work life,  I have often been driven by circumstances. This can be dangerous.  

Circumstances can be one of the ways God directs us but it is secondary to listening to His words in His Word.  

How does God use circumstances in our lives?  Let me give you an example from my own life.  Martha and I are currently seeking the Lords direction on taking the iWork4Him radio platform nationwide.  There is a specific dollar amount we need in order for us to secure the platform for national distribution.  

We know we are called to bring the Gospel to all Nations.  That is biblical.

We are allowing iWork4Him to be the tool God is using in our lives to fulfill His calling for us. It is so easy to get sidetracked by adding in more human driven work instead of Spirit driven.  That is why we are on standby.  I really believe that God wants iWork4Him to be the mouthpiece of workplace/marketplace ministries nationwide but the timing is what is holding us back.  I do not want to get ahead of God’s timing – therefore the prayer that:

“We will know you want us to move forward Lord, when you provide the specific funding we need in order to pay for distribution”

I believe this is a good example of allowing God to use circumstances to show us His will.

Be careful not to use circumstances to drive your path.  Be driven by your quiet time alone with our Lord. Listen to what He is saying to you.  Be patient and focus on trusting Him, even when it doesn’t make sense.  

Remember – We live in a microwave world but we serve a Crockpot God – Buck Jacobs.

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