The Marriage Mentor

newly married couple holding hands walking through a field of sunflowers

Marriage is tough. So tough that many couples give up. It can seem overwhelming, but it's a lifelong contract with your best friend. You are with your best friend on the good days and the bad days, and even the in-between days.

So, how do you stay together for a lifetime?

Here's one solution: Do marriage with a marriage mentor couple by your side.

Every marriage is greater with another couple walking alongside you. A couple that has been at it more years, made more mistakes, seen more rough times and more good times; seasoned married people.

Martha and I have had several couples come along side us over the last 32 years, all of them chronologically superior and married longer than us. About 13 years into our marriage we learned that even with the few years we had been married, we could invest in other couples too. It has been the secret sauce for us.

We had couples invest in us and we then invested in other couples.

This week we talked with Steve and Rhonda Stoppe about their brand new book The Marriage Mentor. This book is an amazing collection of just about everything we have ever said to another couple, in one volume of sheer wisdom. Reading this book is like having a virtual marriage mentor. You can listen to that show by clicking HERE.

Want an awesome marriage? Find a couple willing to invest in you and find a couple you can invest in. It works every time. Want to know why? It was designed by God. It's called community.

Make your marriage great. Invest in it today.


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