Don’t be a Monday Morning Atheist

Make the Monday Switch!!

On 08/27/18 the iWork4Him radio show featured, once again, the ministry of WorkLife with Doug Spada. WorkLife was born out of Doug’s pain with connecting what he was hearing on Sunday with how he was living out his 9 to 5.  Doug wrote a book titled Monday Morning Atheist. This was a paradigm shifting book for me.  I was one of those guys who disconnected my faith during my 9 to 5 and acted like God didn’t exist while I was at work. Monday Morning Atheist is my story too.

Is it yours?

Doug developed a 6 week transition program called the Monday Switch.  Instead of turning God off on Monday, we are encouraged to keep our connection with Him turned on all day long. Instead of celebrating Friday (TGIF) how about celebrating Monday (TGIM) – the day God gave us to work. Work is a gift from God and He wants to be involved in our work. Our Heavenly Father is a Worker, when we walk through our days side by side with Him, we start to experience “Our Unfair Advantage” in our workplace.

Check out the podcast from Monday’s show HERE

and Doug’s website<>

Don’t be a Monday Morning Atheist. Make the Monday Switch!


PS – Next week we role out our celebration of Labor Day and our “Be 1” of 367 campaign.


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