Talking Donkeys and the End of February

This morning I was reading in my devotions the passage from Numbers 22 where Balaam struggled with his internal motivation behind obeying God and tries to keep it a secret.  Did you know that Shrek isn’t the only story with a talking donkey?  

Over 3200 years ago there was a talking donkey God used to put Balaam in his spot.  Balaam had been hired by a local king to curse the Israelites. He was going to be paid big money if he would curse the Israelites. Balaam told the King he could only say what God told him to say but he was definitely enticed by the cash.  On the way to the cursing, which ended up being a blessing, an angel of the Lord came to wipe Balaam out, but his donkey was trying to protect him by avoiding the angel. Balaam beat the donkey silly until the donkey starts talking and asks him why.  Balaam thought the donkey was being stubborn but really he was being a protector.  

Pretty humbling to be challenged by a donkey.

God knows our motivations because he can read our hearts and minds.  Be honest with Him and He will help change your heart. Is He the Lord of your motivations too?

10 months left in 2018, don’t waste them. Look for the mighty hand of God in them, every day.

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