Living Beyond Sunday - TGIM (Thank God it's Monday)!

In this 12-week series (week 4), let’s peek into topics connecting our Sunday Sermons with what we do in our “9-5”.

Thank God it’s Monday

Have you ever found yourself dreading Monday? Have you ever been tempted to call in sick on Monday because you just couldn’t face going to work?   I remember a Garfield cartoon show where Garfield, without ever moving his mouth, talked about the world without Monday. At first he celebrated its elimination and soon he found out that Tuesday took its place. Garfield in his comic strip constantly bemoans Monday.  What about you?  

Is Monday a cursed day or a day to be celebrated?  

As part of the iWork4Him Radio show, we have met many ministries that help Christ followers connect faith and our work. is a ministry dedicated to helping Christ Followers make the Monday Switch.

Keep reading to find out the reasons we as Christ Followers should be TGIM and not TGIF.  

My thoughts come from a 6 week series of radio conversations I recently had with Doug Spada from Worklife.

Your home might have looked similar to mine growing up.  My father always complained about Monday. He hated the traffic and he didn’t like his bosses. My older brother and sister were always stressed doing homework before Monday.

You could say I was raised in a Monday Moaning Family.  

As an adult, I loved my work. I love being busy. I love the challenges. I love the interactions with people. However, for me Sunday evenings were hard.  After dinner I got depressed, knowing on Monday the rat race would start all over again.  I would moan and complain to Martha and beg the Lord to lengthen the weekend.  However, according to Garfield, you can lengthen the weekend but Monday is always coming.  So what do we do with all this?

Here’s what we know from scripture:

If we are created to do good works – that includes Monday Ephesians 2:10
God wants us to enjoy our work Ecclesiastes 3:12-13
God created all of the days Genesis 1:31
Work was created by God before the fall  Genesis 2:15
The culture celebrates the weekend, we need to shift our thinking Romans 12:2
Our work is worship – “workship”  Colossians 3:23

What does this mean:

Monday was created by God not just Friday.
Work was not given to us by God as a sentence but as a season of training
We were all called to cultivate the earth and subdue its resources
The Bible has a lot to say about work and we need to dig in

Things to think about:

What would a life without Monday complaining look like?
Do I realize that God created work as a gift and not as a curse?
How can I make the switch to at TGIM lifestyle?
What would it look like if I treated Sunday like a commissioning service instead of a“sanctuary” experience?
If my workplace is my mission field, how does my attitude need to change?

Thank God it’s Monday or TGIM.

This is a permanent paradigm shift. It is revolutionary church behavior. It is revolutionary Christian behavior. As a Christ follower you were made for Monday. You have been called to your workplace and it’s not by chance. Wherever that workplace may be, the people you work with need Jesus and you may be their only chance.  

Live your calling out this week and CELEBRATE MONDAY!!!!

Psalm 136:1 - Thank God! He deserves your thanks. (MSG)

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