iRetire4Him – Mentoring in Action – Game Playing - Week Two

Board Games and Card Games – almost a lost art in today’s fast paced TV/Internet based world.  What have we lost as a culture because we stopped playing games with our families and friends?  

I believe we have lost the art of casual conversation.  

The wide variety of card games and board games all have this one thing in common – the ability to grow relationships.  While you play, you talk and interact and no one even realizes that friendships are being forged and real topics are being talked about.   

Mentoring Idea Number 1 -

Play Games with your younger neighbors, kids and grandkids.  Home cooked food is an added attraction and when they arrive, shut off the TV! (WIFI tooJ).   Younger adults really want to interact with people older than themselves. They want the wisdom you have to offer but they don’t know how to break away from their normal to interact with yours.  Introduce them to the dinner table where you face each other and engage each other in conversations.  If they have kids, invite them too, and let them play their own games or offer to pay for a baby sitter so you can have an adult night.  You can offer to babysit as a way to suck them into a relationship with you.  Say “Hey we can baby sit for you so you two can have an adult night out – the only catch is you have to have dinner with us over a game night at our place.  Sound Hokey – you betcha but I am telling you, they want time with you.

They need it and it will be a blessing for you, too because the next time you need help with your cell phone, they will be there!!!

Being intentional on a regular basis will result in you having influence in their lives when times get tough.  Earn their trust – play games.  Monopoly anyone? (Star Wars Edition of course)

Colossians 4:5New Living Translation (NLT)

5 Live wisely among those who are not believers, and make the most of every opportunity.

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