Prayer Intentionality In Our Homes

We live with people we love. We eat with them, sleep with them, share bad breath with them, and do life with them. Do you PRAY with them?

I operate as a Christian Business Mentor when I am not on the air, but my approach is anything but typical.   My focus on all areas of their lives, home and business.  If one area is out of whack it affects the others and  I always start with this: Prayer intentionality in their home.

Prayer Intentionality?  

When I ask a Christ-following business man “Are you praying with your wife?”, the response is often “No” or “Every once in a while”.  

Many women reading this blog today are not surprised by this answer.  You desperately want your husband to pray with you.  You desperately want him to lead you spiritually and guide your home from a humble Christ centered heart.

Prayer intentionality starts by praying with your spouse TODAY.

 You might wonder what you will pray about.  Ask your spouse what they want you to pray about.   Ask your kids what they want you praying  for them.  If you don’t have kids, ask your nieces, nephews, and extended family. Start praying and let them know you are praying for them.  You can even say "I have been praying for you, is there anything specific you would like me to pray about?”  This question can have a lasting impact on the ones you love. 

My dad once said to me “Jim, all that ministry stuff you do out there in public doesn’t mean anything until I see you living out your faith in our home!”.  He was so right.  

I took those words seriously and I hope you will to.  So start at home with those you love and PRAY.

Prayer intentionality starts at home…next week: Prayer intentionality in the workplace.

About the Author, Jim Brangenberg

Jim's Mission: To transform Christian-run businesses through mentoring Christian Business Owners (CBOs) by incorporating the servant leadership of Jesus Christ in their businesses, their home life and their walk with Christ.

Jim Brangenberg