Identity & Destiny on Resilience

This week on iWork4Him our show sponsors Tom and Pam Wolf from Identity and Destiny taught us about resilience. 

Resilience: “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.” 

Resilience is covered in Week Two of the workbook “Finding your God given Sweet Spot”. I really wrestled with this section.  Earlier in the workbook they discuss personality as being the original equipment installed in us by our creator and Heavenly Father.  However, resilience is learned and is impacted by our past experiences.  In taking the assessments throughout the workbook, I learned that I do not recover quickly from major setbacks, which can hinder many areas of my life.  The encouragement that I gained from completing this workbook is that I can learn, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to be more resilient if I  rely on my Heavenly Father’s wisdom and knowledge instead of my own.

I hope that this entices you to check out this workbook for yourself.  I first completed this process 3 years ago and I revisit my workbook often as God reveals new work He is doing in my life.

This is the most powerful biblically based workbook I have ever gone through. I personally recommend that every Christ Follower experience this 8 week study.  Your life will never be the same.  

When you complete this 8 week study you will know 3 things:

1.      Exactly who God created you to be
2.      What God created you to be doing
3.      What your current assignment is

Go to and purchase a $20 copy of Your Sweet Spot today.  If we could, Martha and I would buy one for EVERYONE.

“Bounce Back” by relying on His strength.

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