Transform Your Workplace With Appreciative Language


Each one of us has a primary appreciation language that speaks to our souls, that touches our being. To recap, the 5 languages of Appreciation in the Workplace are: Words of Affirmation, Quality, Time, Acts of Service, Gifts, and Appropriate Touch.

Since we know that appreciation is what drives us in the workplace more than money (a recent study revealed that 83% of employees found recognition for contributions more fulfilling than any rewards and gifts), we need to be intentional with our co-workers and employees. We need to speak our appreciation in a language they can understand.

As we approach this subject of the five languages of appreciation in the workplace, let’s keep in mind that the people we work with have been given to us as a gift and that they have been created with a unique set of gifts, talents and abilities. We should be thankful that we get access to those gifts each and every day they work alongside of us.

You may be thinking, “Jim, this is way too touchy-feely for me. My people know that I appreciate them. I give them a paycheck every week. Why should I care about their Love Language? Why should I care about how I should show them appreciation?” The answer is simple. People work harder, are more loyal, and way more pleasant to be around if they know they are appreciated. Don’t you want to know you are appreciated?

The focus today is on words of affirmation. Each one of us has a desire to know that what we do is being done right, and that the people that we do it for are pleased with the work that has been done. However, for some of us, words of affirmation are of extraordinary importance. Those of us who pour our hearts out each and every day in the workplace oftentimes simply want to know we are appreciated. We need to know that we’re not just another number; that we’re not just somebody occupying a cubicle. We need to know that what we’re doing matters to someone.

Words of affirmation in the workplace can be expressed with simple, but encouraging statements like: 

  • “You’re doing a great job”
  • “You are such an asset to the team”
  • “Your positive attitude is such an encouragement to others”
  • “Your willingness to work hard on this project is contributing to the success of the company”

Take a look at the people around you today. Have you told them recently how much you appreciate them? Have you let them know that their daily contribution is making a difference? You may be giving them the most encouragement they’ve received in months.

Start making a difference in your work environment today by appreciating those around you with words of affirmation.

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