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Guest hosts, Tammie McClafferty and Leah Hughey, come back to the iWork4Him microphones to share what they have been seeing the Lord do in the faith and work movement in Jacksonville.

JacksonvilleJim Brangenberg
Ask Wise Counsel

It was the president and founder of Wise Counsel, John Beehner, along with a few special guests, on the program LIVE in Jacksonville this afternoon for a show on how these folks are helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

LIVE in Jacksonville @ 5PM ET

Yet ANOTHER introduction of the iWork4Him Mission to the radio airwaves, still in Jacksonville, but a bit later and on a different frequency – 100.3 The Biz – as we bring this Workplace Revolution farther and wider.  Give our historic introduction to the business station affiliate a listen as we push forward towards global domination

JacksonvilleJim Brangenberg
LIVE in Jacksonville @ 2PM ET

Our expansion took a HUGE leap this afternoon as we were introduced to the airwaves on beautiful Jacksonville, Fl on 91.7 the Truth!  An historic day for the iWork4Him Nation – give it a listen and spread the Truth far and wide!

JacksonvilleJim Brangenberg