Bible-Centered Roundtable Discussion Group
for Christian Business Leaders

business HIS way

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Once a month | 2 1/2 hours
Location: Local churches & businesses in Tampa Bay

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About Business HIS Way

This monthly mentoring study will provide Christ following business leaders with valuable resources for realizing and fulfilling their calling in their workplace. You will meet with fellow believers who share a common passion for learning about the how to incorporate their faith in Jesus into their workplace. If you are a business owner, a business leader and a Christ follower, Business HIS Way is for you.

Meeting Benefits Include:

  • Leadership-focused Biblical discussion
  • A new book each month applicable to our topic
  • Light breakfast and beverages 
  • Access to other business owners with a heart for exploring what Christ has in store for them in the workplace mission field
  • Round Table Group Discussions regarding business decisions and employee issues


  • This is a practical business development group that emphasizes the application of Biblical Principles in the workplace. This is the right investment for the business person who wants to balance their work, life and faith.
    — Donna Clute, Dir. of Marketing and Media Strategies at New Life Solutions
  • I discover principles from these hand-picked Christian-based business books that have immediate application. I have resources available to me to ensure that my company is being built on a firm foundation from the beginning.
    — Laurean Vincent, Owner of Red Palm Marketing
  • It’s like having a group of business people on a journey together, encouraging one another. I no longer feel like I’m alone! Each meeting encourages me more to operate like Christ would want as well as love our employees.
    — Robert Smith, President of St. Johns Hearing Institute
  • Why Business HIS Way?  …it’s nice to get immediate feedback and other opinions that are objective, relevant to my geographic marketplace and from counselors that don’t have a vested interest, other than a love for Christ.
    — Gene Moore, Owner of Southern Insurance

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